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Placing 3D Static objects

There is not yet a user manual for FGSD, but here are the steps to add static objects to FlightGear sceneries in .stg files :
  1. setup your configuration in the option window. Options are save in ~/.fgsdrc,
  2. import scenery ( in Tools menu ) by specifying the border in longitude and latitude,
  3. if you have topographic map of your area, scan them to jpg, and then import them (in File menu )
    • import the jpeg image in the import window
    • place three markers ( click on the image and specify the real coordinate ). Perhaps the geodetic system used by your map is not in the combo, so tell us on the list what is needed or implement yourself in marker.cpp
    • save your fragment in a .xml file
    • close the import window
  4. open the object library window ( in Tools )
  5. organize your models as you like by creating folders (Af) and models (Am). Texture files must also be specified (At).
  6. if you have both map and scenery, you will see both is the S button is selected and the right slider in the middle. It controls transparency of the scenery over the map to help you place your objects
  7. click right where you want to place a model and select "Add new object...". You are in the object library again.
  8. select a model and click "Select". To have a red cross with an arrow.
  9. change the heading of your model by right click on the center of the cross and select "Change heading..."
  10. do File > Export to have the stg generated and the models copied in the same folder.
  11. copy the files in the FlightGear scenery folder if the output path is different than the scenery path.

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