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Status Page

Import JPEG in fgsd as images DONE
Calibrate maps using Lambert or UTM projections DONE
Define arbitrary contour for maps PLANNED
Save image reference and calibration data into an XML file
(called map fragment)
Multilevel undo/redo DONE
Assemble map fragments to build a complete map DONE
Display map fragments according to their contour PLANNED
Import FGFS sceneries by area or files DONE
Import FGFS sceneries by airport and radius PLANNED
Display map and scenery in the same view using alpha blending DONE
Display shaded scenery DONE
Show slope gradient DONE
Show altitude by colors PLANNED
3D Object library DONE
Placement of 3D objects as static objects DONE
Curve drawing and properties DONE
Use curves to add elevation data to scenery DONE
Use curves to define land use contours and water bodies PLANNED
Use curves to define roads, railways and power lines PLANNED
Create photo-sceneries PLANNED
Define taxiway network for FGFS AI IN PROGRESS
Build airports PLANNED
Create building models according to templates and measures made on map PLANNED
Import OpenFlight models and export them to the FlightGear scenery format PLANNED
Export to FGFS scenery format DONE

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