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The FlightGear Scenery Designer Home Page

FGSD is an OpenSource interactive program that allow its user to design custom sceneries for the FlightGear flight simulator project. It is developed under the terms of the GNU General Public License

FlightGear has already sceneries for the whole Earth ( see here ) but usually, available free data are too coarse to make realistic views of the world, especially for land outside the USA.

The basic idea is to use scan of commercial maps and other bitmap data to help users to draw features on top of the image layer. Features includes static 3D objects (buildings for instance), height (hypso) curves, land use contours, roads, railways and powerlines, water area or streams.

Planned features are :

  • Import of scanned map,
  • Calibration of maps using Lambert or UTM projections, or directly WGS-84 longitude and latitude,
  • Definition of a map contour to cut out borders and legends,
  • Display of collections of calibrated map fragments in a single map aligned on a WGS-84 longitude/latitude grid,
  • Management of a 3D model library, organized in folders and sub-folders,
  • Placement of 3D models on the map,
  • Import of existing FlightGear sceneries,
  • Export to the FlightGear scenery format,
  • Drawing of curves to delimit contours, add height points or define roads, railroads, power lines or streams,
  • Definition of runways, taxiways and gates or the FlightGear AI module,
  • Use of photos to create photo-real sceneries,
  • Airport design,
  • Full undo/redo system.
Look at the status page to see what is really implemented in the current release.

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